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Prefer organic products for your own best quality nutrition.

4 Reasons to trust our products.

1. Better taste

organic herbs just taste better. It’s not opinion; it’s science. Just ask food scientists.

Since they aren’t protected by pesticides, organic herbs are under constant attack from bugs and blights of all kinds. This sounds like a bad thing, scientists explainsthat actually it’s not.

When plants are under attack, they begin to ramp up production of their chemical defenses. This can mean releasing an aroma that attracts counter-attacking bugs (wasps for caterpillars, for instance), manufacturing something toxic or distasteful to the insects themselves, or producing an anti-fungal compound.

For us, these “defenses” translate directly into flavor and aroma.Scientists says, “Because they’re not protected by pesticides, organic plants that suffer from insect attack can accumulate higher level of flavor chemicals and other protective molecules, including antioxidants.

2. No chemical

Chemical fertilizers have aided farmers in increasing crop production since the 1930’s.

While chemical fertilizers have their place increasing plant nutrients in adverse weather conditions or during times when plants need additional nutrients, there are also several harmful effects of chemical fertilizers.

Some of the harm chemical fertilizers may cause include waterway pollution, chemical burn to crops, increased air pollution, acidification of the soil and mineral depletion of the soil.

3. Traditional methods

The Biogarden Vermion works with traditional methods.
Planting is done by hand as it was the time when there were no machines.
The carving and care of each plant by hand daily.
The collection of herbs is also done by hand one by one, each plant separately.
Drying is done not by machines, but with the old traditional way drying over storage suitable for this purpose.

4. Fresh quality

The products once collected and done drying , directly packed in special certified packing that protect product from the air  and is ready for release.